Best Laptops Under ₹50000

here is the list of top 10 Best Laptops Under 50000 in India (2020) Buyer’s Guide & Reviews.

If your budget is 50000 rupees for laptop then you are in right place (best laptop under 50000 in india), I have shortlisted some of top laptops with features like Features to Look for in Your Next Laptop Processor / Battery, Higher-Resolution Screens, Memory and many more features, which is available in India I mean online like Amazon so you don't have to worry about buying you can just purchased these laptop online. These latest laptop which price is just 50000 rupees and its come with best processor and great battery backup best RAM and storage combination for laptops under Rs 50,000 If you have a 9th or 10the generation CPU, you cannot go more than the Intel i5 processors..

List of Top 10 Best Laptops Under 50000 In India (latest update)

1 : Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3i Intel Core i3 10th Gen
Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3i (Best laptop Under ₹50000)

Model : 81WE00Q5IN


Display size : 15.6 Inches

Batteries : 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Item model number : 81WE00Q5IN

Processor Type : Core i3

Ram : 8 GB

Memory : 1 TB

2 : HP Notebook PC 240 G7 14-inch Laptop
HP Notebook PC 240 G7 14-inch (Best laptop Under ₹50000)

Brand : HP

Memory : 256 GB

Colour :Dark ash silver

Ram : 8GB

Batteries : 1 Lithium ion batteries required.

Standing screen display size : 14 Centimetres

Processor Type : Core i3-2120

Display size : 14 Inches

3 : Mi Notebook 14 Intel Core i5-10210U
 Mi Notebook 14 Intel Core i5-10210U(Best laptop Under ₹50000)

Brand : MI

Colour : Silver

Form Factor : Laptop

Processor Count : 4

Battery :46Wh Battery/10 Hour Backup

Memory : 256GB

Processor : Core i5-10210U processor

Laptop Display : 14-Inch

4 : HP 15 10th Gen Intel Core i3 15.6-inch FHD Alexa Built-in Laptop
HP 15 10th Gen Intel Core i3 15.6-inch FHD Alexa Built-in  (Best Laptop Under ₹5000)

Brand : HP

Manufacturer : hp, HP India Sales Pvt. Ltd.

Processor Type : Core i3

Colour : Black

RAM Size : 8 GB

Hard Drive Size : 1 TB

Item Width : 24.2 Centimeters

Batteries : 1 Lithium ion batteries required

5 : ASUS Vivobook X509JA-BQ835T I3
ASUS Vivobook X509JA-BQ835T I3  (Best Laptop Under ₹50000)

Brand : ASUS

Manufacturer : Tech Front Computer co. Ltd. China, asus india 1800-20-90365

Batteries : 1 AAA batteries required

Colour : Silver

Ram : 4 GB

Processor Type : Core i3

Item Weight : 2 kg 200 g

Graphics Coprocessor : Intel hd

6 : Acer Aspire 3 Intel i5-10th Gen
 Acer Aspire 3 Intel i5-10th Gen(Best laptop Under ₹50000)

Brand : Acer

Colour : Black

Form Factor : Laptop

Ram : 8GB

Battery :Upto 9.5 hours

Memory : 1 TB

Processor : Intel Core i5-1035G1

Laptop Display : 15.6 - inch

7 : Acer Aspire 3 A315-23
 Acer Aspire 3 A315-23 (Best laptop Under ₹50000)

Brand : Acer

Colour : Silver

Form Factor : Laptop

Ram : 8GB

Battery :Na-

Memory : 512 GB

Processor : quad-core/Max Turbo upto 3.7Ghz

Laptop Display : 15.6-inch

8 : Dell Inspiron 3493 14-inch FHD Laptop
 Dell Inspiron 3493 14-inch FHD Laptop (Best laptop Under ₹50000)

Brand : Dell

Colour : Silver

Form Factor : Laptop

Processor Count : 8 GB

Battery : 6 hours battery life

Memory : 1TB

Processor : Intel Ci5-1035G1

Laptop Display : 14-inch screen

 AVITA LIBER V14 NS14A8INF562-CS (Best laptop Under ₹50000)

Brand : AVITA

Colour : Cloud Silver

Form Factor : Laptop

Processor Count : 8GB

Battery : 10 Hours

Memory : 512GB

Processor : Intel Core i5

Laptop Display : 14-inch

10 : ASUS VivoBook Flip 14 10th Gen
 SUS VivoBook Flip 14 10th Gen (Best laptop Under 50000 in india)

Brand : ASUS

Colour : Silver

Form Factor : Laptop

Processor Count : 4 GB

Battery : Metallic Lid

Memory : 512GB

Processor : Intel Core i3-10110U

Laptop Display : 14-Inch


BEST Laptop Under 50000 In India 2020 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews.

Friends, today we are going to talk about the best laptop under 50000 in india. Many people check the reviews before buying a laptop, they only like to take a laptop on YouTube on the website, so looking at all these things, I thought that the website will be made in which you Everything should be very well organized on the website so that you are easy to understand and check the review on my website in an easy way, go to Amazon and check it out. I have selected 10 such laptops here which I myself And my friends also use,

so I have given reviews to see all those laptops so that you all get a little help through this reviews, many people blogging in the present day, play games videos Editing photo editing is the use of laptops for all of these and office Ali laptops are used in many places, so which will be the best for all of them, which will not remain. To tell all things well, I have very much on this website Nowadays, many people have done a lot of laptop Let's use to watch movies and somewhere is right, if you are traveling somewhere, to pass a time to play a game or to watch a movie, or you are a blogger, you have a laptop for you A very important and a laptop nowadays has become very much needed for education because nowadays Class Six A coding is being added in India, so nowadays children are also going to use more laptops for education. Maybe this thing can increase a lot, so for all these things, there are many people who cannot call very much and within 50000 they need good hard dicks laptops with good processor and go to Amazon So you will find a lot of laptops inside you, it becomes very difficult to select from there, then after seeing this, you will be much easier to buy a laptop.

Today I will answer the best laptop under 50000 in india review as well as some questions that people often search and find.

Q.1 Which is the best laptop under 50000 in india?

I have told about 10 such laptops in my website, after seeing that there will be no doubt in your mind, I have mentioned some company in my website which I have used in real and my friend has used it. Huh

Q.2 Is Lenovo laptop worth buying?

Lenovo laptops are awesome. Their ThinkPad line and Yoga line are some of the best designed and rugged laptops on the market. Lenovo laptops are very fun to use and are also best within 50000. Their Idea line are good consumer designed laptops and are only as good as available from the competition.

Q.3 Why are Lenovo laptops so cheap?

It is on this basis that they own IBM for think pad and PC bargaining. Furthermore, by this they effectively obtain the equipment parts from them. Likewise, they are largely found in parts. So currently the main cost is from processors, slams and graphic cards, which makes it to lower valuations than its rivals. I think no brand should be wrong without using it

Q.4 Should I buy a laptop from Amazon?

Yes you can buy a laptop from Amazon and there is no risk for you because Amazon offers you an A to Z claim option if you get a defective product or you found a problem with the software. You can return it in 30 days so Amazon will give you time to test it so that there is no chance of risk. All the products that I have ordered till date have been very good, I have no problem, if there is any problem in the goods, then you have given me the time by giving Amazon, within that time you will return.

Q.5 Can you have a good gaming laptop under Rs 50,000?

Gaming laptops are expensive because they require high-quality graphics cards and a compatible CPU. If you play games then I think you will get good laptop in 50000 so that you can play good games. Nowadays there is a lot of demand for games. They need more RAM and storage. It can be challenging to get a good gaming laptop for under Rs 50,000. May be, Asus TUF FX505DY-BQ024T is the best option available. It has AMD Ryzen 5 CPU and AMD Radeon RX 560X GPU card.